How to work with NVM datapools in openSYDE

For our open-source software platform, we frequently create introductory and tutorial videos to help developers set up their system in a user-friendly way. The latest video in the series explains how to create and use NVM datapools for parameters stored in a controller's EEPROM with openSYDE. These NVM datapools contain the basic parameters of the controller and thus provide the basic configuration of the controller.

The video tutorial uses a practical example to explain how to change these parameters in the EEPROM memory and upload them, update the RAM copy or save them in the form of parameter set images and then upload them to the controller again. Step by step, the user is guided through the functions and programming processes. This makes it easy to follow and the learning process effective.

openSYDE is STW's open-source software platform for time- and cost-saving implementation, commissioning and analysis of control systems for mobile machinery. In addition, openSYDE offers all teams involved, from development to production to service, a user-friendly interface with state-of-the-art design. The software impresses with consistency throughout the entire product lifecycle of the machine - from variable definition to system documentation and support.