The effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) have reached us as a society - also in a global context. In this situation, which is unfamiliar to all of us, we as STW take every effort possible to fulfil our obligations as a reliable partner - as part of a value chain - and our duty of care towards our employees.
An interdisciplinary crisis management team was set up as soon as the crisis became apparent, and it coordinates its activities on a daily basis to reflect the changed situation and to take immediate actions whenever necessary.

Example 1: In addition to the already installed systematic long-term stockpiling of critical components, our purchasing specialists made an early start on securing our stock on the global procurement market. To date, this has enabled us to meet more than 98 % of our delivery obligations throughout the crisis with an ongoing positive outlook on supplies from STW from material point of view.

Example 2: In order to minimize the risk of operational disruptions caused by infection, measures for spatial equalization were taken. This is intended to maintain a minimum distance between our employees. As a consequence, we have made a major short-term effort in our IT infrastructure to ensure mobile working - i.e. home office - especially in the administrative area. This enables our employees to not only bridge the gap between work and childcare, at least spatially, but also to maintain the companies functioning as failure-free as possible. In addition, shift models have been adjusted to prevent contact between employees from different shifts.

Example 3: In this situation, strict compliance with hygiene measures is a matter of course. In addition to extended disinfection measures and employee instructions, contact with external persons in particular has been reduced to an absolute necessary minimum.

However, these are only three examples in which we as STW are trying to get our partners, customers and employees through this tense situation as damage-free as possible.

We would like to thank everyone for their trust in us and us as STW wish you courage, patience and health in these difficult times.

Your STW-Employees