Basic Introduction to openSYDE

Seminar ID VT001
Course type Video
Duration 35 min
Target audience Developers, Service Technicians
Price free of charge €


This video tutorial introduces the most important functions of the openSYDE PC Toool from STW The steps required to create an openSYDE project and, subsequently, the processes up to the flashing of the components of the system as well as the visualization of data and monitoring of the CAN bus are demonstrated .


The participant

  • Knows the most important features of openSYDE
  • Can download openSYDE from the STW cloud and put it into operation
  • Can map a system of controllers and other devices in a network topology
  • Can flash the components of the system and visualize data
  • Can monitor the CAN bus with the CAN Monitor and interpret the measurement results



Course Content

  • Basic Introduction
    • Overview openSYDE
    • Download and installation
    • Operating principles
  • System Definition
    • Creating a network topology consisting of STW controller and 3rd party products
    • Provide hex-files for flashing
    • Datapools
    • Create Reports
  • System Commissioning
    • View Management
    • Device Configuration
    • Update of a system (flashing)
    • Update over command line with SYDEsup
    • Visualization of data
  • CAN Monitor
    • Overview functions
    • Monitoring and interpretation of measurement data
    • Send CAN messages to the bus

The video is available for watching on the STW YouTube Channel.



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