ESX-3XL: Programming the controller with CODESYS V3

Seminar ID 76109
Identifier PRG3XLCOD3
Course type Classroom Based Training
Duration 3 Days
Target audience Developers
Price 2070 €


The course explains the programming of the ESX-3XL controller with CODESYS V3 including the STW-specific software, plugins, libraries and tools.

The course is intended for developers, who will program own applications for the ESX-3XL.

The theoretical course content will be deepened with programming examples from practice.


The participant

  • Knows hard- and software requirements for programming the ESX-3XL
  • Knows the STW technical documentation and is able to use it for target-oriented research
  • Is able to program own applications with CODESYS and the STW software package
  • Is able to upload software on the ESX-3XL, change parameters and monitor the controller


Basic programming knowledge, ideally with CODESYS V3, at least knowledge of programming electronic controllers.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the hardware of the ESX-3XL
    • Mainboard, supplies, GND concept, pin assignment
    • EEPROM
    • Inputs / Outputs
    • Extension boards
    • Hardware functions, approval tests
    • Basics, programming languages, POUs, data types, operators, syntax
    • Architecture of CODESYS-applications, SPS-cycle, gateway server, RTS
  • STW adaptions of CODESYS V3
    • IDE, PLC configuration, trace, visualization, watch and recipe manager, library manager, supported libraries and devices
    • STW-libraries and documentation (API, user manual)
  • STW Tools
    • Winflash
    • KEFEX RAMView
    • ESX Testbox (TUX)
  • Debugging
  • Programming exercises

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