Hardware Configurator

Seminar ID VT008
Identifier VIDOSYHAL
Course type Video
Duration 31 min
Target audience Developers
Price Free of charge €


This video tutorial explains the function and application of the Hardware Configurator and the HAL driver using the associated example with the ESX.3cs controller. The interaction of the settings in openSYDE, the transfer of these settings into the development environment by generated code and the effects of this code in the application are explained and demonstrated live.


The participant

  • Knows the functions of the Hardware Configurator
  • Can understand the path of the settings from openSYDE to the application code
  • Can make settings via the openSYDE dashboard of the example and understand their effects
  • Can make modifications to the application code via the Hardware Configurator



Course Content

  • Introduction
    • Hardware Configurator
    • Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
  • HAL example from the TSP - openSYDE
    • Explanation of the structure of the example
    • Operation of the Hardware Configurator in openSYDE
    • Code generation
  • HAL example from the TSP - programming project
    • Explanation of the structure of the example
    • Explanation of the routines of the HAL driver and the datapools with the development environment
    • Explanation of the interaction of generated code from openSYDE, HAL-Driver and application code
  • Demonstration of the Hardware Configurator with a controller ESX.3cs
    • Explanation of the experimental setup
    • Setting outputs and measuring with inputs using the openSYDE dashboard
    • Reprogramming of an input with openSYDE

The video is available for watching on the STW YouTube Channel.


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