Fleet data is transmitted, processed centrally and stored via the scalable connection of all data modules. The platform supplies comprehensive possibilities for the visualization both of stored data and of live data. In case of threshold value or location exceedances, messages and alarms can be generated. It is possible to import software updates, to adapt machine configurations and also to transmit commands to the machine. In addition, it is possible to access all Cloud data and commands even from third-party systems or a customer’s own applications via the REST-API interface. Over and above this, it is possible to implement complex program sections via microservices and to adapt to customer-specific requirements.



As individual as our customers are, as individual are their application cases from extremely different fields of application. In order to realize these highly interesting implementation scenarios economically and in line with requirements, it is necessary to manufacture extremely robust and flexible products. We offer the bases for implementing highly specific branch solutions through our comprehensive product portfolio.


While we are proud of our products and solutions, it is through our customers’ applications that the power in the innovative technology is unleashed.  Whether fully networked, highly automated, or operating fully autonomously, an effective mobile machine represents first class interdisciplinary engineering. Robust and safe integration into the system architecture of the machine and its work processes, while remaining convenient and user friendly, is the main focus. With thanks to our customers, here we would like to present a small selection of example applications.