Protocol: CANopen, CAN Layer 2-B
Auxiliary Voltage: 8 … 32 V DC
Baudrate: 250, 500 kbit/s
Connection: DT-4
Port Number: 8
Input Signal Type: DI, DI/AI, DI/FRQ/CNT
Output Signal Type: DO [4 A], PWM [4 A], PWM(i) [4 A]

The xtremeDB -1 (pronounced: "dash one") CANopen module combines many different I/O signal configurations. It offers a total of eight inputs, up to four of which can be parameterized in analog mode. Two of the digital inputs can also be configured as frequency inputs or counters. At the same time, the module offers eight outputs, which can also be individually configured as digital, PWM or current controlled PWMi outputs. The module can drive up to 26 A output current.

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